Medical School Loan Forgiveness

Medical School Loan Forgiveness

The average Medical School graduate will have over $200,000 in student loans to pay off when they graduate. Here we list programs which will be of assistance in helping you get into the best financial position after graduation. Due to the vast differences in tuition reimbursement, we recommend you evaluate which programs will fit into your long-term plans.


1. Service Based Loan Forgiveness

2. Military Medical Loan Forgiveness

3. Federal & State Loan Forgiveness Programs

Service Based Loan Forgiveness

1. Peace Corps

Volunteering in the Peace Corps is way to pay off a portion of your Medical School debt while helping your community and your work.

For more information about this program, click here.

2. AmeriCorps VISTA Program/State and National Program

a. VISTA Program

Volunteer for a domestic non-profit organization or government agency for 1 year. During this year, you will be working to fight illiteracy, improve health services, create businesses and other community strengthening actitivities.

b. State and National Program

Volunteer in your community to assist in the educational needs, the environment needs, public health and safety, and disaster preparedness and response.


With AmeriCorps VISTA Program, you will be eligible to attain upto $5,500 towards loan payoff and will gain a tremendous amount from helping your community.

For more information about this program, click here.

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Military Medical Loan Forgiveness

There are several excellent programs within the United States Military which will pay a substantial portion or all of your medical school loans.

Most of them will only be available to you, if you serve within the medical cores in the United States Army, Navy, Airforce, Marines, Coast Guard or Reserve.

To find out more information about these programs, visit the Army Medical School page.

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Federal & State Loan Forgiveness Programs

There are a tremendous amount of State and Federal programs available to assist you in paying down your student loans.

They may require you relocate to a different state, serve in an poverty stricken or rural area. However, there are many programs in your state which may not require much more than submitting an application.

To find out more information about these program, have a look at the Directory of Loan and Scholarships for Medical Programs.

Keeping checking back for updates! We will post any information regarding loan repayment scholarships and loan forgiveness programs presently available.

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Medical School Loan Forgiveness

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